sábado, outubro 14, 2006

Clube Fórum sons @ Left

Mais uma noite de gira-discagem. Desta vez, na companhia dos amigos João Gonçalves e Gonçalo Castro. Muito divertido, principalmente a partir da hora em que começamos a picardia entre discos, cruzando tudo e mais alguma coisa. Há que repetir.
Para a história, ficam aqui as canções que "disparei", por ordem alfabética:

!!! - pardon my freedom
blur - to the end
Bobby Conn - winners
Cramps - the crusher
curtis mayfield - move on up
daft punk - da funk
david bowie - soul love
Fujiya Miyagi - ankle injuries
funkadelic - who says a funk band can't play rock?!
gnr - freud & ana
Gun Club - moonlight motel
Hot Chip - and i was a boy from school
housemartins - the light is always green
jon spencer - wail
kid loco - cocaine diana
led zeppelin - rock and roll
lightning bolt - 13 monsters
Mano Negra - king of bongo
new order - ceremony
new order - mr. disco
OP8 - if i think of love
pet shop boys - was it worth it?
pogues - london girl
Pop dell'arte - green lAntern (is on the road again)
psychadelic furs - pretty in pink
rage against the machine - renegades of funk
Ramones - do you remember rock'n'roll radio?
Rapture - get myself into it
stevie wonder - higher ground
Teardrop explodes - passionate friend
The Church - under the milky way
the go!team- junior kickstart
The Smiths - this charming man
Why? - rubber traits
Wire - another the letter
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